5 strategic ways to hiring in AM / 3D Printing

  • Posted by: AD Group
  • 12 July 2018

It’s clear that the amount of jobs exceeds the amount of talent available in the AM industry, which has made hiring an issue for many employers.

However, there are ways to address this negative trend.

This is our top 5 advice on how employers can make sure they have enough workers to sustain their business.

In recent years, across most industries, there has been a degree inflation. This means that some employers have raised their minimum job requirements to higher levels than in the past. They are requiring experience for positions that was once held by entry-level employees and demanding university degrees for positions previously held by high school graduates.

Given today’s tight talent pool, it may be a good idea for employers to take a look at where to draw the line between ‘must-haves’ and ‘nice-to-haves’ when screening applicants or crafting job descriptions. This is especially relevant if the speed of hire is important! Cast a wider net.

Employee turnover can be very costly and there may be both time, money and effort to be saved by investing in an internal training program. An internal training program will allow to build your ranks; will allow employees to develop their career tracks; and it will ensure you a sustainable pipeline of talented and experienced workers.

The competition for quality workers in AM has intensified dramatically over the past three years, and HR managers are feeling pressured to pay workers more. Not surprisingly, most candidates agree with this strategy as 70% state salary as a major motivator to leave a job or take on a new one*. Thus, it is crucial to make sure you are not offering a salary below industry standards.

To get an idea of what salaries to offer your candidates, refer to our Salary Survey 2017 as a guideline. It is freely available here: http://alexanderdanielsglobal.com/the-salary-survey/

Your fiercest competition for available talent might not be in the same business, or even the same industry, as your company. Make sure your competitor research includes different industries fishing in the same pool of talent, and develop a strategy to deal with them when it comes to acquiring talent.

Employers need to be extremely proactive to find the best talent in this tight AM talent landscape and should leverage partnerships wherever possible. While hiring managers have expertise in sourcing and recruiting, they may not have the deep understanding of the hard skills necessary, nor the access to the passive talent in this niche industry.
At Alexander Daniels Global, we have a full grasp of the skill sets the different type of positions need, and we are truly specialized in AM. This means we can have an educated conversation with candidates, and it means that we understand just what employers are looking for.

Our recruiters use a wide range of strategies to ensure we have a handle on the top talent;

We target passive as well as active candidatesWe build relationships with candidates to deepen the long-term pipelineWe network in person and onlineWe remain in contact with previously-placed talent; because employers often see the best results from employee referrals
If you would like our help in recruiting your next hire, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Email: adminADG@alexanderdanielsglobal.com

*Data from our 2017 Salary Survey