Alexander Daniels HR: The Benefits of Team Building Activities (Barcelona, Sitges trip)

  • Posted by: AD Group
  • 04 July 2019

This is what life looked like last week for all Alexander Daniels staff. A first-class reward for all AD Divisions: HR, Accountancy and Finance, Legal, Offshore, Energy, Engineering, and Global.
The event organisers went above and beyond organising a great trip to Barcelona, Sitges to reward our hard working Consultants and Managers, but also to encourage team bonding.
“Team building activities can help you to build both a positive company culture and the types of behaviours that make businesses thrive”

Benefits of Team Building Activities:
Although we had the luxury of stepping away from the usual work office in Birmingham to sunny 40 degree Barcelona weather, there are many benefits of organising team socialising events for employees within a business. It is proven that team building exercises not only improves productivity as it enables staff to come together in a more social and relaxed atmosphere to share ideas, however it also provides an opportunity for an organisation to improve processes, policies and procedures.
Team building is important for various reasons as it:
• Contributes to the overall high performance of the team
• Improves communication
• Identifies strengths and weaknesses for further improvement
• Improves company morale

Working in Recruitment is a demanding job alone, however our AD Consultants do it with passion, commitment and determination to try and help each one of our candidates whilst ensuring a first class service for our clients.

We have a number of new HR roles from Junior level to Senior roles, please get in contact for a confidential chat to discuss how we may be able to help you get your dream job or equally if you are recruiting and considering using a well connected agency.