How to choose between two job offers

  • Posted by: Alexander Daniels
  • 31 January 2018

During your interview process you will have had the opportunity to meet with your future colleagues and managers. Although it can be tough to choose it is important to look into both companies. You may have seen something that you didn’t like within the businesses and it is good to note these down.

You should always trust your instinct with a job offer as you will be working with your colleagues hopefully for a long time. You may have had trouble clicking with a certain colleague on a trial day, but this could be down to nerves on both sides, the most important thing to note down when choosing is to make sure you are a good fit within the company both with culture and work pace.

Making the right choices

The next thing to consider when you are choosing the right role for you is to prioritise the different benefits the company offers to you. These can include your salary, bonus and pension. Although these are important it is also good to look at the non-monetary aspects of the company such as the culture and commute. You should make a list for both companies on each matter and order them with the most important to you, so you can see how they look next to each other.

Trust your gut instinct

When you imagine yourself working for a company it could feel like the opportunity of the lifetime but why have you not accepted yet? Based on your hesitance there could be some underlying feelings and thoughts as to why you haven’t already said yes. It might be worth talking to the company about the concerns you have especially if it is bothering you.

Choose wisely

When you have made your list, and are still trying to decide between the two it may be a good idea to find someone who knows you well to help. Their judgement could help you see something that may be a help or a hindrance that you had been blinded to.

It is also an extremely good idea to speak to the company as transparency is the main point when you are dealing with your choices. You can be open with them to clarify some points and explain that you are currently looking through a few options they will be sure to help push your decision toward them.

Just remember you are in control here, this is your choice and the next steps will be exciting you can move forward knowing you have a great future ahead of you.