How to get the most out of your Recruiter!

  • Posted by: AD Group
  • 17 April 2019

By Kathryn Rose


I think that one of the most important aspects of my role as a HR recruiter, which also allows me to achieve my personal objectives of looking after the best needs of the client and candidate alike, is to be consultative. That played out recently whilst discussing a job role with one of my clients, what they were looking for and the offering, wasn’t truly aligned. We sat down and brain stormed, the salary stayed the same but with some initiative we came up with an excellent attractive package which meant we found the perfect person for the role.

The best thing about that process, that the client recognised that I was there to add value, by not only attracting the best candidate but keeping them too. In this article I want to talk about flexibility and being open to suggestions from your recruiter. I’ve highlighted two areas which might allow you to increase the talent pool you’re hiring from.

Fixed Term Contract or Day Rate Interim?

When looking at a FTC especially for project work, should you also consider Interim? A professional interim may be more expensive BUT with some creative thinking this can be worked around. The remit of a professional interim is to be able to come in and hit the ground running, used to quickly assessing needs, cutting through the politics, getting to the heart of any issues and adding value straight away. The FTC that you’re advertising may be completed in a shorter period of time or using a more strategic approach on a shorter working week by a professional interim.

Interims charge for the days they work, so if your project finishes early, you need less days towards the end or the project changes direction, your costs can be reduced too. You may also end up attracting a candidate with a wider range of experience at a more senior level. Ultimately discussing the options with your recruiter could mean really broadening the talent pool you are choosing from.

Employee Benefits 

Attract the best talent by looking at the benefits that you offer. In the past blanket benefits that only appeal to certain demographics within an organisation have been really common place. Organisations that attract and keep employees and have excellent employee engagement surveys do a lot of work on ensuring that there is something for everyone. Some people may be more attracted by work drinks, healthcare, holiday vouchers, help with childcare, flexible working and some by support to become qualified. Examining the role and talking to your recruiter about what’s appealing to the candidates they are representing can open up a whole new pool of talent.

How do I get the best out of my recruiter?

To me the answer is simple, have in depth conversations, ensure that they understand the full remit of the role so that they can add the most value possible by presenting you with different options. Sometimes, they might not be viable but by building that consultative relationship, you’re always going to get more out of your recruiter.

Allow your recruiter to be proactive. Meet with them before you have a role, let them find out about your organisation and your team before you want them to assist you with that crucial hire, this will allow them to be as consultative as possible when you do want to reach out.

Work with a recruiter that can do this for you and you can bet they’re offering the same level of service to their candidates, which is only ever going to be a good thing for ensuring that you make the best possible future hires.

If you would like to discuss anything in this article, are a candidate looking for their next move or an organisation looking for a consultative relationship with a HR recruiter with industry experience, please feel free to contact me.

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