Shropshire Economy

  • Posted by: AD Group
  • 24 June 2019

Shropshire businesses are continuing to help grow the economy, an extra £1.1 billion in turnover last year, and reports compiled from accountancy giant BDO have identified the top fastest growing companies in the area.
Whilst some regions are notorious for being manufacturing/distribution heavy there is a noticeable variation in the sectors for the fastest-growing companies in Shropshire, including IT, Construction, Manufacturing and Social Care.
Not only is Shropshire creating an extra £1.1 billion turnover in 2018 but the top 50 companies also took on over 2,270 new employees.
Paul Bennett, chairman of the Shropshire Business Board, said: “We are quite unusual in that there is such a variety of successful businesses in Shropshire, which means we’re not really dependant on any particular sector. Our key challenge is to encourage 100 to 200 SMEs that can double in size over the next decade. Unlike many other parts of the Midlands, in Shropshire there is no war for talent, but a workforce willing to develop skills for higher-level opportunities. Plus, the county has land ready for commercial development through the Invest in Shropshire programme. Furthermore, the economy is extremely diverse, making it easier for employees to find the job they want – and meaning employees aren’t always fighting for the same kinds of talent.” (Quote from Shropshire Star).