Why Choose a career in HR?

  • Posted by: AD Group
  • 07 June 2019

A career in HR can open up multiple opportunities and create a platform for career progression. It creates a rewarding opportunity to concentrate on the development of its employees and play an integral part in influencing strategic/operational business decisions.
Working within HR also opens up opportunities to influence and change an organisation in various ways from implementing policies, handling complex disciplinaries to recruiting the best staff into the organisation to meet business objectives.
A career in HR also offers opportunities for career advancement and professional personal growth.
1. Work within any industry, HR Presence is everywhere!
Human Resources opens doors to jobs in every sector. You can build your career within any sector of choice as HR presence is everywhere. A HR department is responsible for managing resources relating to employees but equally the management and development of employees in an organisation.
2. Career Progression
A career in HR offers long-term options and a huge variety of roles. Working in a HR Generalist position, no day is the same! You could be involved in recruiting or training staff one day, or helping your company decide how staff should be rewarded the next. There are even roles which focus on employment law and protecting the rights of employees at work. Once you have built up a level of experience, you may want to progress into a more Senior or Management role within HR, or even specialise in a position that is more niche focusing on one significant area within HR. Some HR specialists go on to be business owners and set up their own HR and training Consultancies.
3. Help people, Steer the business
The HR Department plays a vital role in both business performance, supporting the employees, and steering employees careers. HR is about making sure the right people are in the right jobs. Candidate attraction is the first step but retaining staff within the business is equally important. With this in mind HR will ensure they look at continuously upskilling employees offering training and career development initiatives, giving them the skills to build on their long-term HR career. Additionally, HR will protect the rights of their employees and make sure they are rewarded and treated fairly at work?
4. Great earning potential
Not only are there a lot of HR roles to apply for, but you will also have the chance to earn a good salary as your skills and experience develops. If you’re just starting out in HR or entering into a Junior role ie HR Admin/Assistant you will probably earn from £18,000 –£20,000 a year. As you gain qualifications and experience, your salary can go up significantly. On average a more Senior HR role ie HR manager would pay around £40-48k, and when you progress to the top, you could be earning over £80,000 as a HR director!