It is no coincidence that I work in an international environment. I’m the third child of culture, so being surrounded by cultural diversity, I feel at home …

One of the things I love about my work is that I am constantly learning from my international colleagues, our students and the places we travel at …

  • No matter how different you are from your origins, or how nervous you are for adapting to living abroad, you will be, and it will be well …
  • Your teachers are among the most important people you meet on the way. They can continue to influence, inspire and motivate you throughout your life …
  • We have food in our cultures. Because of the lack of food from their homeland, food can always be a common ground!Surrounding people and cultures in a research environment is a huge privilege. This makes it possible to be subject to unique and diverse perspectives, and allows us to develop as we could never imagine ..
  • I am constantly struck by the desire and ambition of the young people we meet. Most of which are entirely new to university life, not to mention a country that is not familiar, where everyone speaks a foreign language ..

    They seem to know exactly what they want in life and what they want. It’s inspiring and inspiring …

    I like to learn more about students-how they enjoy the life of campus and explore their new home. I am not alone in Britain, so that I can relate when they talk about fighting certain aspects of British culture …

    Seeing students cope with these problems, become independent and develop strong personalities, amazingly to see …

    One student who shared his journey was Kirill from Russia, who studied in.

    Kirill was worried about spoken English-most of the students mentioned before their interlocutor. But agreeing to be in front of two cameras, despite the lack of security, deserves great respect in my eyes!

  • Try food from different countries and learn about other cultures ..
  • Step out of your comfort zone,
  • Research papers from professional writers Order that and forget about your study-problems!

  • Smile even if you don’t know them — you’d be surprised how many people smile …
  • During the filming, my role is to brief the students, make them feel comfortable and perform their interviews …

    I find it fascinating as young students when they first leave their home country-and I can actually identify with them ..

    And I like to hear the students describe different styles of teaching, diverse cultures and unfamiliar environments. I am particularly proud when we talk to students who have advanced from the INTO and are now studying at the university ..

    One of my favorite examples is Daniel from Ecuador. He started training with.

    Of 50,000 people he has been chosen for this one day throughout his life; his story will always resonate with me …

    Another student who really inspired me was the Time of Tunisia, who is studying in.

  • Do your research to find the right course and university for you …
  • Don’t be afraid to talk to local people-it’s a great way to improve your knowledge of English …
  • Enjoy! You’re once in your life, so make the most of it …
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