Why Work With a Birmingham Recruitment Agency?

If you’re an employer or a professional in the Midlands and you need help with your job search, it’s worth considering working with a Birmingham recruitment agency. Having a recruitment consultant in your corner can help you with much more than you might expect and even offer long-term benefits. 

This is particularly true of local, specialised recruitment agencies that can offer a deeper level of knowledge, great access to businesses throughout the area and a talent pool of high-quality, specialist professionals.

As a leading Birmingham recruitment agency that specialises in accountancy and finance, we strive to provide a high-quality service that results in sustainable, long-term placements for candidates in the professional services industry. 

Why Work with a Birmingham Recruitment Agency?

If you’re trying to fill a vacancy or find jobs in the Midlands, it’s worth considering working with recruitment agencies in Birmingham. Below you’ll find 6 reasons why choosing to partner with a Birmingham recruitment agency may help:

1. Local business connections

With a base in Birmingham, we have great connections with various businesses across the Midlands. Over the last decade, we’ve built an established network of clients and a deep understanding of how they operate, including their mission, values and goals.

This means that we can quickly match clients with candidates that fit the company culture whilst still providing the necessary skills. Taking this approach means creating long-term, sustainable placements which creates a win-win situation for all parties.

For candidates who work with us, utilising agency recruitment in Birmingham makes it much easier to find a role that’s right for you. We place equal importance on finding matches that are a good fit in terms of culture and qualifications – after all, if you’re not happy at work, you’re less likely to find the career development you’re looking for.

2. Faster, secure hiring

Recruitment can be a frustrating endeavour for employers, draining resources and manpower from other important tasks. An often underestimated value of partnering with a Birmingham recruitment agency is that we can streamline this process. 

Our consultants can handle the marketing and screening of your job roles – often the two most time-intensive elements of recruiting. This frees up your resources while still allowing you to handle the interview process and ultimately, make a final decision. 

While you might feel that you can handle recruitment in-house, you’d be surprised at how quickly this can eat into valuable time when you’re hiring for multiple roles or a more specialised position. 

Remember that hiring the wrong person can be costly. According to Oxford Economics, the overall cost of hiring someone (with a salary of £25,000) is around £30,000 when you also factor in the loss of productivity and necessary training. This only increases as you hire for more senior positions. Research suggests that a ‘bad hire’ of a management position with a salary of £42,000 is actually around £132,000 once you factor in the loss of productivity, training and re-hiring fees. 

At AD Finance, we specialise in the professional services industry, which includes sectors such as finance, legal and trust. These are notoriously competitive and need very specific skills, which can lead to challenges if you experience a ‘bad hire’. 

Our team consists of consultants who have experience in these fields, meaning we have unique insights into where best to place a talented candidate.

3. Higher-quality talent

Using a local Birmingham recruitment agency vastly improves your chances of finding high-quality candidates – especially since we operate solely in a specific sector. We have a large pool of talented, pre-screened candidates who have built careers in roles you’re looking for.

You can also trust that we understand the people we work with. We have a thorough screening process to ensure we fully know what our candidates are looking for. We’re experts at finding those with potential and building exciting matches that lead to success.

Speak with one of our recruitment consultants and find your next candidate today. 

4. Total accessibility

Our reputation as one of the top recruitment agencies in Birmingham gives us two benefits in terms of accessibility.

Firstly, we have access to passive talent. When you release a job listing, you’re mostly going to see responses from active job searchers who are not necessarily the best candidates. Passive talent, on the other hand, is not actively looking but open to opportunities. These are generally people who are highly skilled and have more opportunities available to them. Thanks to our connections, we’re able to identify these people, get in touch with them and most importantly, motivate them to join your business.

Secondly, if you’re a candidate who has a deeper skill set, we have access to businesses that might not be openly recruiting but require candidates. The relationships we’ve built in the West Midlands, East Midlands and surrounding area means we can source and provide these opportunities.

5. Specialist solutions

We operate solely in the finance and accountancy sector, which means we have the requisite knowledge for hiring talent or sourcing the ideal role. 

While more generic recruitment agencies may send over candidates with a loose connection to the role, we have a deeper understanding of the various concepts, qualifications and experience required in the industry.  

This allows us to deliver a complete service without you having to explain exactly what you need or what you’re looking for. Our solutions cover the entire spectrum of experience and skill levels – from administrator roles and part-qualified roles to C-suite executive positions.

We aim to ensure peace of mind when you partner with us, especially when it comes to something as important as recruitment, which can be a costly and stressful experience if it goes wrong.  

6. Market knowledge

As you’d expect, working with one of the leading recruitment agencies in Birmingham gets you more than just candidates or job interviews. It also gives you information. 

We have a deep understanding of the Midlands – and by extension, Birmingham – jobs market because we’ve operated here for years. Our services extend to salary benchmarking, career development advice, support resources and candidate preparation.

It’s our mission to establish successful placements and we approach this task from every angle, whether that’s assisting a candidate with creating a CV or working on a one-to-one basis with a client to understand their business needs. 

When you work with AD Finance, you can be safe in the knowledge that you’re working with a recruiter that understands the local market, how it operates and how to be successful in it.

Find your dream role today with AD Finance and browse our available jobs.

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