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Why work with AD Finance?

We’ve operated as recruitment consultants in the Midlands for over a decade and during that time, we’ve developed a unique approach to recruitment. Alexander Daniels works alongside businesses and hiring managers to ensure your recruitment needs are met – finding the right talent to help you achieve your business goals.

We have a diverse team of recruitment consultants, working with candidates and employers across the finance and accountancy sector. This team utilises the latest technology and years of experience to find top-quality candidates, developing a talent pool that is actively seeking employment.

It’s our goal to help businesses build a seamless recruitment pipeline based on a foundation of trust, knowledge and reliability.

What are the benefits of working with us?

Working with Alexander Daniels can provide a range of unique benefits for employers:

Sustainable, long-term relationships: We pride ourselves on developing substantial relationships with both our partners and our candidates, creating a network that results in successful and long-term placements.

Diverse and inclusive recruitment: Alexander Daniels is proud to deliver truly inclusive recruitment services, regardless of age, gender, ethnicity or faith. Diversity is embedded across all of our services, allowing us to ensure a complete and effective operation for everyone.

Leading technology and data-led recruitment: Our team utilises a range of technology and data to correctly identify top candidates and match them with the ideal employers.

5 reasons to choose AD Finance

1. Wide talent pool: Since we operate across the entire Midlands, we have a deep talent pool for employers to choose from. This substantially increases your chances of finding the right candidate to suit your business goals, company culture and recruitment needs.

2. Consistent service: We never compromise on quality and we’re not a commission-led business. This means we’re always able to deliver a service tailored entirely for our candidates and employers. Our focus is on providing a personal experience, listening to the needs of our employers and ensuring we source the right people for them.

3. Stable market leaders: The AD Finance leadership team has a long-standing track record of operational excellence and is always looking for ways to expand the business, encouraging organic growth into new locations and sectors. We started Alexander Daniels as a way of providing a fresh approach to recruitment and this is at the forefront of everything we do.

4. Managing candidate communication: Our approach to recruitment is based on transparency and clear communication. We maintain long-standing relationships with all of our candidates because we respond in a polite, professional and timely manner. This provides an added benefit for employers as they’re dealing with an engaged and proactive audience.

5. Depth of experience: The depth of experience we have across the finance and accountancy sector is what sets us apart from our competition. Our team is made up of recruitment consultants that have various specialisations, meaning we’re able to provide a complete service across the board.

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Permanent Staff

We’re able to help clients find permanent staff for new roles, ensuring they have both the technical ability and fit the culture of the business.

We work with you to build our understanding of your needs – establishing the resources you require to reach your objectives.

We can then provide a range of candidates from our extensive pool, all of whom have the capabilities to ensure a long-term fit. 

Temporary Staff

We can help you find temporary staff for ongoing periods of unexpected growth or absences.

When you’re experiencing staffing challenges, it can be difficult to find staff that are effective on a short-term basis.

That’s where we can help. We have an extensive pool of temporary candidates, all of whom have experience in working on a short-term, fixed contract basis.

Who We Work With

Supporting You at Every Step

We’ve built our reputation on one basis – a people-first approach that focuses on culture and ability.

For candidates that need additional support, we’re able to prepare you for the entire application process. Whether you need help with your job search or preparing for an interview, we make sure that you’re always prepared for the next step in your application.

We have a range of resources available, all available for you to read for free. 

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