Why Work with a Recruiter?

Did you know that, on average, a candidate will get one interview for every six applications they send out? In a competitive market, finding a new job is a process that requires persistence, determination and positivity.

Many people struggle to be proactive enough during a job search, especially if they’re also working a day job. This is why it’s a great idea to work with a recruiter. They can take some of the pressure off, helping you reach new employers that align with your goals.

If you’re a job seeker and asking yourself ‘why work with a recruiter’, below we explore the many benefits they can offer.

Should you work with a recruiter?

According to research by Zippia, the average candidate can use up to 16 sources during a job search, including social media, job sites, job apps and networking.

Even then, there are no guarantees. The same research suggests that candidates who apply for between 21 and 80 vacancies have the highest probability of receiving a job offer, with a 30.89% chance of landing a new role. If the same candidate only applies for 11 – 20 vacancies, the probability falls to 29.48%.

So if your chances are around 30%, why would you not want to give yourself the opportunity to increase that number?

Working with a recruitment agency improves your chances of landing a new role and opens you up to a whole new audience.

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Why work with a recruiter?

A recruiter acts as the go-between an employer and a candidate. They’re a trusted source and always work to fill vacancies with the best possible candidates.

While you might think that a recruiter is just another step in finding a new job, the truth is they play a much larger role and ultimately, they want to see you succeed. So why should you work with a recruiter: 

They open up more opportunities

Not all employers post vacancies on job boards or across their websites. A huge number of roles are actually never publicly advertised. Since recruiters operate as an extension of the client, they commonly have access to roles you’d never usually find.

As a candidate, this gives you a huge edge over the competition. By working with a recruiter to apply for these roles, you’ll be in a much less competitive environment and you can go into the process knowing the recruiter thinks you’re right for the role.

This is especially true of specialised roles or senior vacancies, where the employer is extremely selective about who they speak to.

They save you time

Let’s face it – everyone has a lot on their plate. When you’re job searching while still working your current role, it’s a time-consuming and frustrating process that you can’t fully commit to. If you’re looking for a new role when you’re unemployed, it can be an extremely stressful time.

Recruiters can mitigate both of these challenges. They’ll understand you as a candidate and they’ll definitely understand the industry that you’re applying for.

In the majority of cases, recruiters will already have several job opportunities that suit your skill set, which streamlines the entire process. Even better, many recruiters will have an idea of upcoming vacancies, meaning you’ll be first in line to put yourself forward.

They can support your application

Any recruitment agency worth their salt will have seen hundreds – if not thousands – of job applications. They’ll understand what separates a good CV from a bad one and even better, they’ll know exactly what specific employers are looking for.

When you’re looking to stand out and make the most of the opportunities you receive, a recruiter can help. Take our resources hub, for example. We like to help all of our candidates by sharing knowledge about creating the perfect CV or offering top job interview tips for success.

Finally, a recruiter will understand the local jobs market. If you’re applying for finance roles in Birmingham, it’ll be a different experience to applying for marketing roles in Jersey. A major benefit of working with a local recruitment agency is they fill in the gaps, giving you advice on how to approach the process and what an employer will expect.

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They want you to succeed

It’s important to remember that recruiters want you to find a new role just as much as you do. Their entire business – including their professional reputation – depends on it. This is why you should always cooperate with a recruiter to the best of your ability.

Just as you’re competing with other candidates for a role, recruiters are also competing with other recruiters. This alone means they’re highly motivated to get you a new role and in our case, ensure that you find a long-term, sustainable placement in a workplace you enjoy.

They can help you grow your network

Aside from opening up new opportunities, a recruiter can also help you grow your professional network. Even the most experienced professionals often have a relatively small network – especially in comparison to a recruiter. 

Recruiters – and recruitment agencies – typically have contacts across every field they operate in, which can directly impact your career development. Since a major focus of any recruiter is building and expanding a professional network, working alongside them means you’ll feature in that networking more often than not.

Does working with a recruiter guarantee a new job? 

Let’s be honest. The answer to this is no – you’re never guaranteed a new job.

That said, according to Zippia, candidates who have a referral – from either an existing employee or a recruiter – have a 50% chance of landing a new role. This alone is an example of why building a professional relationship with your recruiter can be so beneficial.

It’s the goal of the recruiter to place the right candidate in the right business and in the right role. That’s why we place so much emphasis on culture fit, technical fit and long-term alignment between employer and employee.

While there are always factors that a recruiter can’t control, the fact is a recruiter offers benefits that would otherwise be out of reach for candidates.

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